Love your Parents campaign for Alzheiemer’s Indonesia

Our latest ideas for Alzheimer’s Indonesia is for ‘Love your Parents’ campaign.  Working together with creative and production team in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The campaign is collaborating with Slank, the number 1 music band in Indonesia with hundred thousands of fans around Indonesia and the world.

Slank is well known as family band, along their love to their ‘goose’ mother Bunda Iffet whose always beside them in ups and downs moments.

With this video campaign spreading in social media as organic medium helps the message spreading fast.


Client: Alzheimer Indonesia

Agency: NeMu (Jakarta – Groningen)

Slank: Bim-Bim, Kaka, Ridho, Ivan, Ridho, Renny and Bunda Iffet

Slank Team: Shanty

Creative Director: Amalia Fonk-Utomo

Script – Copywriter: Millaty Ismail

Alzi’s Production Team: Shinta Prowit & Tuty Sunardi

Supervisor: DY Suharya

Director: Johar Prayudhi

Videographer: Dipa Mulya

Editor: Afan Febri

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