Kenangan Bersama Nenek


“Kenangan Bersama Nenek”

A video for children 7-11 years old to gain awareness in dementia alzheimer.

Project collaborates Indonesian volunteers from many places around the world.


Client: Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation.

Project Supervisor: Amalia Fonk-Utomo

Production Team:

Sindhu Annawati, Anggi Prasasti and Sjoerd Jorritsma (Groningen, The Netherlands).


Creative Team:

Translation Adaptation Copywriter:

Hanindha (Florida, USA), Rama Furry (Cardiff, UK) and Yuli Wulandari (Jakarta, Indonesia).



Voice Mo: Anggi Prasasti (Groningen, The Netherlands).

Voice Grand Ma & Mother: Amalia (Groningen, The Netherlands).

Voice Grand Pa: Yudhistira Mahendra (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Music: Apple music library.


Editor & Audio mix:

Amalia Fonk-Utomo (Groningen, The Netherlands)

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