Happy Healthy Kartini 2018

Happy Healthy Kartini 2018-OK2_Poster.jpg


A pro bono project for Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland.

On Saturday, 14th April 2017
10 AM – 4 PM at Plutozaal, Planetlaan Groningen.
Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation held an event “Gelukkige Gezonde Vrouwen Dag! (Happy Healthy Kartini Day)”
(in commemoration of 7th April World Health Day and 21th April Kartini Day)

Indonesian and Arabic food and snacks food stall, Indonesian traditional souvenirs, Traditional fashion show, Traditinal dance show by Srikandi Dance Group, Together Poco-poco dance and music.
– Stand for sale €5/table (Table selling fast with Indonesian maaltijd and souvenirs, book & others)
– ‘Traditional Best Costume Competition’ for children and adult (registration: €1/person)
– Pop up charity sehop also available for Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation (Anyone can donate good conditions goods)

The event it self was a major succes for a first timer with 250 visitors from across The Netherlands and also HE Indonesian Ambassador himself.

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