Book Design “Demensia? Lalu Bagaimana?”

This is a unique project. We did this pro-bono project for Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland foundation. This book is an adaptation from the Dutch’s “Dementie? en nu?” from Alzheimer Nederland.

Start with the ideas of translating it and organising the Indonesian immigrant across the Netherlands to be part of it. This across continent, generations and profession project brought this book as an example of working together across everything is possible. Everybody donate their skills, time and energy for this book. From 13 years teenagers old to 64 years old grand ma, from housewives to nurse, from graphic designer to student. From Indonesia and The Netherlands.

This book also curated by science team in Indonesia and The Netherlands.




Launched also in both countries. Jakarta, Indonesia and Groningen, The Netherlands.


You can support to continues this book journey by help the foundation print it at: Support the book and information at Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland

Also this project supported by

Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands:KBRI Den Haag and Alzheimer Nederland

It was a different satisfying feeling to donate your skills and energy for a better cause. Thank you for the opportunity.

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