Book Design for Atlas of Caregiving

I met Rajiv the founder of Atlas of Caregiving in Salzburg Global Seminar 2 years a go and the collaboration continues.

Having my background in Alzheimer activities giving me experience in designing this book for caregivers.

These 2 books is a guidance of mapping your needs and activities during caregiving. It made simple when you write it down what happen in your head.

These projects also shows that time and distance is never a problem. Through technology we manage to do this project between Palo Alto, USA and Groningen, The Netherlands.

Thank you for trusting me to do this and also for the friendship.


Piknik Yuk with Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland


A pro bono project with Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland.

A poster and event coordination in Groningen The Netherlands in commemorating World Alzheimer Month September and Indonesia Independence Day collaboration with Indonesian Student Community and Diaspora.

A creative picnic seminar at Noordplantsoen Park in the heart of Groningen.


NeMu x mismail

NeMu collaborates with new Indonesian creative brand mismail launched.

mismail is a new product brand with storytelling and for it’s debut the idea is “Nonton Bioskop Yuk!” (“Let’s go to the cinema”) which is encouraging people to watch more Indonesian movies and support the film creative industry.

NeMu supports with collaterals idea and social media management in Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.05.46.png

Happy Healthy Kartini 2018

Happy Healthy Kartini 2018-OK2_Poster.jpg


A pro bono project for Stichting Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland.

On Saturday, 14th April 2017
10 AM – 4 PM at Plutozaal, Planetlaan Groningen.
Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation held an event “Gelukkige Gezonde Vrouwen Dag! (Happy Healthy Kartini Day)”
(in commemoration of 7th April World Health Day and 21th April Kartini Day)

Indonesian and Arabic food and snacks food stall, Indonesian traditional souvenirs, Traditional fashion show, Traditinal dance show by Srikandi Dance Group, Together Poco-poco dance and music.
– Stand for sale €5/table (Table selling fast with Indonesian maaltijd and souvenirs, book & others)
– ‘Traditional Best Costume Competition’ for children and adult (registration: €1/person)
– Pop up charity sehop also available for Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation (Anyone can donate good conditions goods)

The event it self was a major succes for a first timer with 250 visitors from across The Netherlands and also HE Indonesian Ambassador himself.

Kenangan Bersama Nenek


“Kenangan Bersama Nenek”

A video for children 7-11 years old to gain awareness in dementia alzheimer.

Project collaborates Indonesian volunteers from many places around the world.


Client: Alzheimer Indonesia Nederland Foundation.

Project Supervisor: Amalia Fonk-Utomo

Production Team:

Sindhu Annawati, Anggi Prasasti and Sjoerd Jorritsma (Groningen, The Netherlands).


Creative Team:

Translation Adaptation Copywriter:

Hanindha (Florida, USA), Rama Furry (Cardiff, UK) and Yuli Wulandari (Jakarta, Indonesia).



Voice Mo: Anggi Prasasti (Groningen, The Netherlands).

Voice Grand Ma & Mother: Amalia (Groningen, The Netherlands).

Voice Grand Pa: Yudhistira Mahendra (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Music: Apple music library.


Editor & Audio mix:

Amalia Fonk-Utomo (Groningen, The Netherlands)

Love your Parents campaign for Alzheiemer’s Indonesia

Our latest ideas for Alzheimer’s Indonesia is for ‘Love your Parents’ campaign.  Working together with creative and production team in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The campaign is collaborating with Slank, the number 1 music band in Indonesia with hundred thousands of fans around Indonesia and the world.

Slank is well known as family band, along their love to their ‘goose’ mother Bunda Iffet whose always beside them in ups and downs moments.

With this video campaign spreading in social media as organic medium helps the message spreading fast.


Client: Alzheimer Indonesia

Agency: NeMu (Jakarta – Groningen)

Slank: Bim-Bim, Kaka, Ridho, Ivan, Ridho, Renny and Bunda Iffet

Slank Team: Shanty

Creative Director: Amalia Fonk-Utomo

Script – Copywriter: Millaty Ismail

Alzi’s Production Team: Shinta Prowit & Tuty Sunardi

Supervisor: DY Suharya

Director: Johar Prayudhi

Videographer: Dipa Mulya

Editor: Afan Febri